Cuddle Therapy

Cuddle Therapy

Today on one of my regular shows, Daily Blast Live, they were talking about Cuddle Therapy. I honestly admit that I have never heard of this phenomenon. I do however know of the impact behind hugging. Well, Cuddle Therapy takes this to a whole new level. People can hire a person (doesn’t have to be a licensed therapist) to spend time with them by either hugging them, or according to a Buzzfeed contributor, rubbing their back, hair, going on walks, or sitting in silence. It is the holding of space and physical touch that can be impactful.

     According to numerous studies, hugs raise serotonin levels (increase mood, improve heart health, and help regulate sleep cycle), releases endorphins (body’s natural pain reliever), and oxytocin (love hormone).

In the pandemic world that we live in now, I completely understand how most are yearning for that physical touch/comfort. However, it may be awkward for some to engage in this intimate act with a stranger, so how about giving yourself a hug? It is more natural than it sounds, and it is just 20 seconds for it to impact health. Ok, let’s go! 

     Fold your arms around your body in a comfortable natural position. Rest your hands on your shoulders or upper arms. Squeeze yourself with the level of pressure you are looking for within the moment. And. There you go, you gave yourself a hug. You can also do this with a pillow. So, when feeling in the need for comfort, take it into your own control.  

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