A Year Of…

A Year Of…

Drum roll please… I have settled on a theme for 2023, after going back and forth. The theme will be creativity or simply, being more creative. I feel this goal can be achieved in various arenas of my life, thus making it very attainable. First, I am trying to dive more into my poetry aspiration. I would like to be more descriptive in my words; creating more of a impactful mental picture for the reader. For me, poetry is my go to, in terms of helping me express what is on my mind at the time. I have to admit, it can also be quite fun sometimes trying to make up rhymes 🙂 

So, I am going to circle back around to you, what is your theme for the year? It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but rather simple. Something that can help you move forward with your life, while still feeling good about what you have accomplished in that realm. If you need some ideas, check out the link below.


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