World Of Depression

World Of Depression

    It is no surprise that we are living in an always changing world that is leaving long-lasting marks on people; some positive, and others not. As a result of the changes that may not be so positive, there can be a negative impact to a person’s emotional health, such as depression. Although in some instances, depression can be genetic, there is a lot that is acquired. 

    Whether genetic or acquired, the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed depression to be the leading cause for disability across the world. Specifically, the organization found that about 300,000,000 people are living with depression; a condition that can have emotional and physical implications. Hopelessness, sadness, fatigue, changes in appetite and sleep, isolation, just to name a few, are some symptoms that are accompanied with depression. Not to mention, untreated depression has been linked to substance use and heart disease. For depression, there are a few types of treatment that a person can choose from; medication and/or counseling. 

    It is highly recommended that when diagnosed with depression that a person do one or both of the available treatments mentioned. However, according to WHO, nearly half of the reported 300,000,000 people impacted by depression, are not getting the help they need.

    April 7, 2017 was World Health Day, to which the theme was depression. The motto, “LET’s Talk,” was supposed to create dialogue around mental illness, while erasing the stigma. The more you talk about something, the more you understand it. Knowledge equals understanding, which opens the doors to acceptance. So, how are you going to walk the talk about depression?

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