A Ribbon Of Hope

A Ribbon Of Hope

It is a ribbon of hope to many,

While creating awareness to others who do not know.

Comprised of shunt tubing for all to see,

Neatly tied, bound,

It illustrates a part of the Hydrocephalus journey.

I carry my ribbon of hope.

A symbol of strength, courage, bravery,

pain, hardships, and challenges,

The ribbon of hope gives homage to you and me.

The roaring headaches, nausea, dizziness, just to name a few,

Leaves patients in limbo of possible hospital stays and surgery.

Frustration and sadness may creep inside,

Which does not make you any less strong, courageous, or brave.

You may find yourself asking, why me?

For it is ok, Hydrocephalus is not easy.

I carry my ribbon of hope. 

With Hydrocephalus, I lost my eyesight,

More complex it made my diagnosis be,

I carry my ribbon of hope with all of my might.

Every step taken, every goal conquered,

It shows that in a midnight sky,

There are bright shining stars,

A representation of us moving by.

I carry my ribbon of hope.

Happy Hydrocephalus Awareness Month!

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