Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

If we crossed paths would you know me?

Do you rememberr what I look like?

I will never forget your face,

It is edged into my memory.

Do you remember my name?

I will never forget yours, as you will forever remain a part of my history. 

Do you remember the sound of my voice?

The cries asking for your empathy.

I will always remember the conversations we had;

Inside making me feel empty.

When talking about what happened,

I am asked, how come I’m not angry.

For sometimes I am angry, even sad I might be,

Especially since it’s the 18th anniversary.

Do you remember,

18 I was at the time,

Losing out on newly found independence, experiences, and opportunity.

With time passing, I have been blind for as long as I could see.

I will always remember.

I will keep moving forward because for every obstacle, every trial,

I know I have great things stored in my Destiny.

Even if you don’t remember and I always will,

I will continue to gain strength from my family and friends, but most importantly, God the Almighty.

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