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Access And Opportunity

Take me higher, let me flourish, let me grow.

Skills, talent waiting to be recognized,

just waiting for the chance to be the star of my show.

Disability does not mean inability, which not all realize,

So, did you know?

Millions with disabilities waiting in the shadows,

Waiting to hear yes, and not no.

Say yes to access and opportunity.

Say yes, give the green light to go.

          October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and the theme this year is, “Access and Opportunity.” For those of you who are aware, this theme is very fitting, as millions of disabled Americans don’t have access and opportunity to employment. Barriers can include discrimination or transportation, to name a few. 

          In terms of myself, my lack of employment opportunities was due to discrimination. It took me 6 years to attain my first job after graduate school, compared to a lot of my non-disabled peers, to which it took months to attain employment. What led me to believe I was discriminated agains was because potential employers openly told me that they “didn’t know how it would work out.” No matter how much I tried to advocate for myself by giving plausible solutions to their concerns, I never gained a callback. I didn’t disclose my blindness in the initial screenings for this exact fear. 

               A fear that is very much real for many, and must stop. Access and opportunity should provide a person with a level playing field. A place where they can show their skills and qualifications. A place where they can have the same chance to excel as their non-disabled counterparts. Say yes to access and opportunity for all! 

Who Am I

Who am I?

Introverted, introspective; I evaluate the world around me.

Sometimes quiet, some even might call me shy.

Who am I?

Sensitive to the core, I take a lot to heart.

When my feelings are hurt, I’m frustrated, or scared, I tend to cry.

Who am I?

Family and friends describe me as kind, trustworthy, and smart.

I am liked, I am loved.

I am bounded by these bonds, like a not in the center of a tie.

Who am I?

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, Social Worker, disabled individual,

these are my identities that are some of the pieces to my pie.

Who am I?

In life, we are constantly in search of ourselves, asking, who am I? The answer shifts and evolves throughout time, but in this present moment, how would you  describe yourself? I challenge you to make an elevator pitch; 3 in 30. Three highlights about yourself in 30 words or less. Taken from the poem above, check out my elevator pitch.

Introverted, introspective; I evaluate the world around me.

Sometimes quiet, some even might call me shy. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, and social worker.

Your turn. Ready, set, go! 

Do You Remember?

If we crossed paths would you know me?

Do you rememberr what I look like?

I will never forget your face,

It is edged into my memory.

Do you remember my name?

I will never forget yours, as you will forever remain a part of my history. 

Do you remember the sound of my voice?

The cries asking for your empathy.

I will always remember the conversations we had;

Inside making me feel empty.

When talking about what happened,

I am asked, how come I’m not angry.

For sometimes I am angry, even sad I might be,

Especially since it’s the 18th anniversary.

Do you remember,

18 I was at the time,

Losing out on newly found independence, experiences, and opportunity.

With time passing, I have been blind for as long as I could see.

I will always remember.

I will keep moving forward because for every obstacle, every trial,

I know I have great things stored in my Destiny.

Even if you don’t remember and I always will,

I will continue to gain strength from my family and friends, but most importantly, God the Almighty.

What I Believe

I don’t believe God wants to cause us trouble,

I don’t believe that God wants to cause us pain and suffering.

I do believe he does take that adversity to create lessons,

Trials that make us humble.

For every experience we go through; 

Good or bad,

We are shown and shaped by the possible.

Every smile, laugh, fit of anger, or even a cry,

Is a part of life, a part of growth.

So, when you feel like you want to crumble,

Never stop believing in yourself, never stop putting one foot in front of the other.

Don’t give up, don’t settle. 

Living The Nightmare

About 7-8 years ago, I wrote the below blog post for another site, but, wow, does it ring true for today’s experience. The past post was titled, “Preparing For The Nightmare.” I changed one word, from preparing to living. How one word can make a big difference. Check out the below post.

If you found yourself in an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster, would you know what to do? I realize that many people do not like living their lives on the what ifs, and I am not asking you to, but I do believe it is important to be prepared. Therefore, being prepared does involve taking the what ifs into consideration so that the proper precautionary measures can be taken. I have been thinking about emergency preparedness a lot lately as I listen to the natural and human inflicted travesties occurring across the world. When thinking about these types of situations, it is always important to have a plan of action; what to do, where to go, and what to take. The best advice I can give you is, know your environment because doing this and having a plan of action can increase the probability of a better outcome. To learn more about emergency and disaster preparedness for individuals with disabilities, you can check out So do you have a plan of action?